Sunday, December 10, 2006

preferably a JOINT

I would go with the $200K, preferably a JOINT, First To Die the "cost of living" would in all probability change
before either of you "croak". The J/F/T/D policy will pay the
ENTIRE amount on the first Death.

Friday, December 8, 2006

My Problem?

I am a student at a university, but my permanent address of residence is in
London. I am getting a new car and so am looking around for the best
insurance quote.

Most of the time, the car will be kept at the university address, and will
only be kept at the registered address in London on weekends or holidays.

If, when getting a quote, the company asks the address where the car is
usually kept overnight, I put in the address of the university. If it does
not ask me, is it illegal to not tell the insurance company that the car is
not kept at the registered address for most of the time?

This is important, as the university address puts the insurance up by around
£600! Talking of motor insurance, does anyone have any suggestions as to
which company/companies to use? I am 19 and am getting a MINI One 1.6L. All
insurance quotes so far have been unbelievably high (I suppose not
surprisingly) even though I've been putting myself as a second driver!

I'm sorry if I sound stupid, but I have no idea about motor insurance, and
would appreciate any advise.

Many thanks in advance.

Sunday, December 3, 2006


Another hint you'll find on that site is to get student insurance (up to age
29). You sign up at a college (community college is fine) for full time
(they consider 9 credits full time) for one semester (at least 31 days) and
you can get student rate insurance. You can then continue the insurance
after the semester is up for as long as you want without ever re-enrolling
for courses. It seems there is no upper age limit once the plan is in