Saturday, May 19, 2007

Underinsured motorists (UIM)

Underinsured motorists (UIM) coverage will pay out if the driver who hit you causes more damage than his or her liability coverage can cover.

In some states, UM or UIM coverage will also pay for property damages.

The benefits of strong vehicle dependability

The benefits of strong vehicle dependability are particularly high for manufacturers.

In addition to retaining their value better, brands that perform well in VDS have higher levels of owner recommendation and repurchase intent, and increased sales volumes compared to brands with average to poor dependability ratings.

Additionally, vehicles with high levels of reported problems have higher rates of failure of vehicle components such as brake pads, brake rotors and batteries, which is costly to manufacturers if the failure occurs while the vehicle is still under warranty.

Pregnancy and insurance

Having a baby is a life-altering event. Lacking the proper health and life insurance can be, too. If you recently had a baby or are expecting, now is the time to examine your new insurance needs.

You now have a new dependent who benefits from your wages. As your baby's main — or sole — cash resource,
you need to insure your potential future income against losses in the event of your death.

Flood insurance information

According to Stevens, a federally-regulated lender would require a would-be borrower living in a high-risk flood zone to buy flood insurance in order to qualify for a mortgage loan. The required insurance amount “would at least have to cover the amount of the loan” claims Stevens.

A homeowner should buy flood insurance if he or she resides "in a known flood plain with no failsafe controls,
like a dam," contends Pete Gorman, vice president and regional manager of the Alliance of American Insurers,
based in Illinois. "It's a good idea to protect the biggest investment that most people would ever own," Gorman asserts.