Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Auto-insurance researchers: 'Cell phone bans don't help reduce crashes'

All those fancy in-car docks and voice navigation? Utterly pointless. At least according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, who reckons that it's not the phone that's the issue, but "the full spectrum of things that distract." The IIHS (funded by a group of car insurers) compared crash data between states that had instituted cell phone bans and those that hadn't. According to its research, while the ban had reduced phone use (whoa, really?), it hadn't helped reduce crash rates. The National Transportation Safety Board has presented several studies linking cell phone use to an increased chance of crashing and their latest proposals would ban most hands-free systems found in major car makers' vehicles today. Hear that? That was the sound of hundreds of third-party accessory manufacturers recoiling in horror.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Be Extra Careful When you Collect Data for Car Insurance

All insurance companies make sure that their insurance data is available online and in detail. This data explains the policies and coverage for each plan online and offers the customers an option of purchasing insurance online.

The purchase of the online insurance is considered cent percent legal. The online version of the document is considered legal and can be accessed any time of the day or night. It is a valid proof of a purchased insurance policy. This document is digitally signed by the company and the terms and conditions of the insurance plan are very clearly stated in the document.

The car insurance data that you collect online should be right and genuine and it is not an easy task to ensure that. A complete research of all the available insurance policies like car insurance India, 4 wheeler insurance+, etc. have to be checked and according to your requirements a policy can be selected. For example, you might need only third party insurance or an additional cover for the driver of the vehicle. There are certain factors which you should be extremely careful about while selecting the insurance policy online. Before you get your quote, enter all details correctly and mention the car model you own.

As car insurance is easily available online, day by day more and more customers prefer to purchase insurances online. The insurance companies offer them other benefits like advanced search tools. The customer can also use the premium calculator to calculate the premium in long run and thus save money. Many companies offer policy-renewal options as well as policy claim form online, which again is very beneficial to the user.

The main reason behind purchasing car insurance or two wheeler motor vehicle insurance online is that you are not bound by time. Insurance is available 24 hours and the form to get a quote can be filled anytime and there is no working-hours restrictions. After the completion of the formalities the digitally signed policy is produced immediately within no time.

But most importantly there is one thing you have to ensure that the car insurance should be purchased only from a legitimate and registered insurance provider. Make sure that you ensure that the service provider is authentic before you part with any personal information and make the online payment as there are high chances of being tricked.