Monday, May 21, 2007

Dental insurance and you...

If you buy dental insurance on your own, you are guaranteed to get less
benefits than your premium. In such a case, the carrier cannot spread their
risk out over a few thousand people. They can only spread the risk over the
number of people in your family. Carriers know that people ONLY buy dental
insurance on their own when they have lots of dental work needing to be

So, they make sure they make their profit by limiting benefits.
Discount plans (like Ameriplan), only sell you a list of offices which (at
one time) offered to give discounts to people enrolled in the discount plan.
Usually, the offices are still listed by the plan after the office stops
participating. The plan will also list the same dentist and the same office
5-10 times on their list, so that the list of providers looks to be very
long. In reality, there is usually only 2-4 offices within a 40 mile radius
who will participate with the discount plans, and these are often not the
offices with outstanding reputations. Rural areas will often have much
fewer offices willing to participate.

You could discuss the merits of getting medical and dental care in poorer
countries. Some of the care in those locations is outstanding. However, I
have yet to hear of a US citizen being impressed with the hospitals in
Mexico. Maybe that is because most of the ones I hear about are in resort
areas, but one would think that those areas would have the funds to develop
good facilities. Since you are choosing to get your care in the USA, that
you do not have enough confidence in the Mexican system to get your care

Dental insurance scam

Insurance is a scam designed to make insurance companies rich. It
isn't necessarily good for medical care or dental care, neither the
dentists, doctors nor their patients. But it is the major way things
are done here in the U.S..

Personally I think Dental Insurance is the biggest scam of all because
you get so little benefit for your money. At least with HMO medical
insurance if some major accident happens or you just get really sick
like with cancer or something, you are completely covered.

But with dental insurance, there are limits to the coverage, and you almost
always end up paying a lot of "out of pocket" costs, usually so much
that the insurance benefit is negligible. Also, the way dental
insurance is structured it turns dentists into crooks, telling
patients they need things they don't really need, or selling the
patient on some procedure that is not covered, such as teeth
whitening, with used-car sales tactics.

If you have health insurance

If you have health insurance,find out from your health plan what benefits apply when you're abroad.

If you won't have any health coverage while you're traveling, you might want to look for a travel insurance policy that includes medical coverage.

You should know whether the policy will actually pay for the medical care up front,
whether you have to get approval from the insurance company's medical specialist before you can get care,
and if there is a referral line for you to call. Be cautious about salespitches that play on your fears.